NZXT's Compact Havik 120 Air Cooler Won't Break Your Motherboard's Back

Paul Lilly

There's a definite trend in CPU air cooling design, one that has cooler makers gravitating towards increasingly bigger heatsinks. The idea is to provide more surface area for heat to dissipate, and we've seen some air coolers that are as big as a softball. NZXT's new Havik 120 moves in the opposite direction and is essentially a shrunken version of the company's Havik 140 cooler.

NZXT says the "smaller form factor yields less strain on the motherboard while leaving even more space within the chassis facilitating an impeccably clean build." At the same time, NZXT claims cooling is top notch. The Havik 120 sports revamped 120mm FZ fans with 13 blades for "intense silent cooling," a nickel-plated copper base with four 8mm heatpipes, aluminum fins, rubber mounting for noise absorption, and an aerodynamic fin design for improved airflow (up to 75.8 CFM).

"Havik 120 is a great victory for overclockers seeking a small yet powerful fan cooler that won’t break the bank" said Johnny Hou , Founder and Chief Designer at NZXT. "The original Havik 140 has been highly decorated with awards in the enthusiast community. Havik 120 should yield similar performance in a slightly smaller form factor for under $60."

The Havik 120 is available now for $55.

Image Credit: NZXT

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