NZXT Switch 810 Review


NZXT Switch 810 Review

NZXT’s Switch 810 is aptly named: This toolless steel chassis is an excellent choice whether you’re indulging in extreme air cooling, radical water cooling, or near-silent running. It’s beautiful to behold no matter how you set it up, with white plastic panels that can be removed with a simple press of your fingertips.

The 22.3‑inch‑long by 23.5‑inch‑tall by 8.5‑inch‑wide chassis supports multiple platforms including ATX, microATX, Mini-ITX, E-ATX, XL-ATX, and Flex ATX mobo configurations. There’s plenty of room inside, with nine PCIe slots running in parallel with four tube cutouts, and plenty of convenient cable‑routing options. The Switch 810’s motherboard tray features 10 rubber-grommeted cutouts and an oversize 8-pin cable-routing hole. There’s enough room at the top of the case to fit a 60mm thick, 360mm radiator with push-pull fans. If you opt for a quiet configuration, you can slide the top-panel fan vents closed to reduce noise.

Nearly every plastic panel on the NZXT Switch 810 can be removed with light finger pressure.

The Switch 810 features six toolless, pinch-to-slide hard drive trays in two removable HDD cages that can accommodate either 2.5- or 3.5-inch drives. The top cage is fitted with a pivoting 14cm fan, so you can angle the direction of its airflow. The lower cage is tooled to accommodate the same type of fan, so you can move the one or add a second. The 5.25-inch drive cage at the top of the case includes an optical drive bay that flips open when the drive tray extends and automatically closes when the tray retracts, and a slide-out tray can host a 2.5- or 3.5-inch hot-swap drive.

The 14cm fan next to the hard drive cage can be tilted to direct its airflow.

With its included rear, top, and front 14cm fans, the Switch 810 kept our test build slightly cooler than Cooler Master’s Storm Trooper; but NZXT's offering came in a distant second to Xigmatech’s Elysium. If that isn’t enough to cool your build, the Switch 810 has room for two more 14cm fans on top, two at the bottom, one more in front, and one more interior fan for the second hard drive cage. NZXT’s Switch 810 is an innovative, flexible chassis design with plenty of cooling options; a refined, sleek look; and a very reasonable $170 price tag. Well done, NZXT. Well done.

NZXT Switch 810


Innovative design; huge side window; easy-to-use toolless enclosures; lots of cooling options.


Pressure-sensing plastic panels pop off too easily when you move the case.




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