NZXT Kraken X40 Review



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Ghost XFX

Just find a better fan for it and.....
Looks like a great buy to me. Put it in the Air 540 Carbide and you have a pretty damn good set up with 3 more additional 140mm to add on...hmm.

Sounds like a project. I think I better get started.



That's pretty disappointing after all the fuss and bother with it that it ends up being less capable (at burn in temperatures) than a 120mm liquid cooler like the H80i that's the obvious competition in this size category, worse still is that the H80i started with air 3 degrees hotter than the X40 had...



The X40 doesn't run quite as cool as the h80i on max, but it's close. Where it does have the advantage though is in the quiet department (and there it's REALLY quiet).



Ok, so it's really good, at not being it's raison d'etre?

It is akin to seeing that the new Ferrari is really good at hauling freight... Not really what one expects from that product's designed purpose.

If we're going for quiet, it is entirely and completely obliterated by air cooling options, like the NH-D14 and others like it, that can use 140mm fans as well, for more cooling and quieter performance. And let's be honest, I'd buy Noctua fans before I'd go out of my way for NZXT fans... Theoretically the X40 and X60 are supposed to be SUPERIOR to air-cooling options, and if "quiet" is the measure of success then it edges out the 212 EVO, but only just a bit.

Performance mode to performance mode, the X40 shines, and gets about a 10 degree spread over the 212 EVO, but it's not even in the same league as the best air coolers. The 212 EVO is just really good performance for the very low price point. So if one is going from the 212 EVO to the X40, then you've got something there, but if you've got an H80i or were considering it against the X40, then frankly the H80i wins...

That's all there really is to it.

In the end, the X40 lost out to the H80i in precisely the purpose that both of them exist, to cool. Either one is already a plenty quiet alternative to a stock cooler, so getting worried about perhaps 2x 120mm fans or 2x 140mm fans in push/pull is about like fretting on what happens to your used toilet paper... At that point it's really not important.

As I said earlier, the margins are small, but for all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the X40 and X60, there shouldn't be anything surpassing them, and they definitely shouldn't be behind the curve in both quiet and performance mode to a smaller radiator form-factor.

Now if someone were to put really powerful 140mm fans on it, push/pull, and go all out with all the extras, it may make up for the small loss here, but it's simply a sad note that it has to make up ground at all.



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