NZXT H440 Case Ditches Optical Drive Bays for a Cleaner Look



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if you want a optical bay (two actually) there is my case the NZXT H630 which looks quite a bit like this one (in white at least .. the black version of the H440 is a rather different with the red trim and all).

however while the H440 seems pretty big the H630 is even bigger ... quite big as a matter of fact.. All in all i have been very happy with mine and I think it looks pretty neat

something for everyone**

** who want massive white and black cases that is...



Great looking case. Looks like they used good build materials too.

Great move to offer wider space for cable management - tight right panel space always pisses me off.

Easy to clean filters is a plus too.

Hopefully it's wide enough to allow for large after-market heat sinks too.

I use DVD and BlueRay burners, so not for me at this moment, but I can definitely see it's usefulness if you are building a new machine. Why not go for an external blueray/DVD burner?

Now we just need somebody to make an external burner that's as fast as internal ones.

Didn't see anywhere what size the fans are, but I hope for 140mm at least. 230mm would be even better. I love my large quiet fans.

The only thing I'm hesitant about is the front intake fans using gaps on the side of the front panel to intake air.. but depending on how wide they made those, it might not be a problem.

Overall this is the first NZXT case I would like to own.



You people complain all day about their being an optical bay, and how most user don't use them anymore. Then once a company gives into the cry babies. You freak out, I never want to work in the industry. Their is no such thing as pleasing the community. If I ever do I'm going to ignore the hell out of you guys like the successful companies do.



I think this is way too early to get rid of drive bays. I personally can not stand discs and pretty much every game I own is digital (Steam Origin) but I use discs to burn movies. I have at least 500 DVD discs of movies with 4 movies on each disc! I am getting ready to switch my collection to BD discs. But I have one issue. BD drives from what I have seen do not support lightscribe and all my movies are lightscribed. This creates a big issue for me...this leads me to the question why do BD drives not support lightscibe like DVD has?



No slot for the optical? No H440 for me.
Until programs and movies are routinely shipped on thumb drives, I need one.



I like the ssd mounts. I hope the front part of the hard drive cage comes out so that when mounting a 360 rad in the front you can get a good view of it.



No drive bays, so I loose my choices on what I want in my build? I have to do it their way?? What is this, Apple????
Nope not for me.



For people who, like you and I, still use optical media, NZXT offers lots of other case designs with 5.25-inch bays, or there's the option of using an external CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive on the H440. I actually like that NZXT offers a case like this, in addition to its already robust lineup.



My comment was not anti NZXT just this case. I have never built in one of their cases although they do have some nice ones, my latest build was in a 900D. I just want the build to be able to be my way which is something that may and does change with time. Also, there are lots of other reasons to have a bay besides a DVD/BR drive.
again, most of us are not I-Kiddies. We want our options.



I could understand your argument if this was a new industry standard on all cases... but this is ONE case by ONE case manufacturer that no one is forcing you to buy. If it's not for you, then don't buy it. But for a lot of people, myself included, our 'options' will be increased by this case, not limited. If you want to be angry about limited options, pretend for a minute that you don't need 5.25 bays in your case and try and find a better solution than this case. Spoiler Alert: There isn't one.

By removing the drive bays, it gives enough room for both a front and top radiator, as well as room for a reservoir and pump all while keeping the case relatively small (especially small when compared to the 900D). In general, it also allows for more airflow with the addition of a 3rd front fan. And finally, for people who need a lot of hard drive bays for storage this case will have them covered.

Breaking it down, there are two types of people that will look at this case... people who need 5.25 bays, and people who don't. And we all immediately know which category we fall into. If you need those bays, then this case isn't for you and you can look into other options (i.e. EVERY other NZXT case on the market). NZXT isn't removing flexibility and options from the H440, but rather giving more options and flexibility to users who specifically don't need those bays and could use the extra space for other components.



It's good to see the 5.25 bays vanish. If an optical drive IS needed, I usually use a USB DVD drive that I can move from one system to another. Other vendors will follow suit on this design 'feature'. It will certainly help the lines/mounts within the case.

I'm no fan of the color scheme, but to each their own.

Semi-related criticism.

That video is garbage. Paul, do you have access to useful images?

I've never understood these kind of videos of cars, or computer cases. Who really cares about the up-close tail lights? Zoom in 3/4 view with out of focus surrounds, total absurdity. Is that the way this is experienced? Is the overzealous cinematographer trying to create "action" in an otherwise motionless object?

Useless hype to obscure otherwise meaningful features.

Marketing minds are so far off base sometimes.

I think parody videos should be made for other even more mundane products; children's wooden alphabet blocks, paperback books, macaroni and cheese boxes ... really amp up the importance of the items.



Have you seen some of the videos from Star Citizen where they are in game ads for the ships themselves? They are the same way.



NZXT has a bunch of images in the photo gallery on the H440's product page.



The only other use I've seen 5.25" bays are for front panel fan controllers (I guess if you're OCD about that sort of thing, sure) and water cooling reservoirs (which few people have anyway).

And someone did make a parody, sort of. Some guy wanted to sell his used 95 Lexus so he made a mock ad in the same style as any luxury car would get.