NZXT Unveils The Phantom 410 Chassis, The NZXT Phantom's Little Brother

Brad Chacos

When we reviewed the NZXT Phantom case way back in the beginning of the year, one of the few drawbacks we noted was that despite rocking mid-size measurements, NZXT considered it a full-size tower. Now, the company is releasing the NZXT Phantom 410, a smaller version of the Phantom with a “crafted mid tower chassis.” Does that mean it’s really a small form factor case? Not quite.

The Phantom 410 is designed for ATX, mATX and Mini-ITX mobos and measures in at 8.46 inches wide, 20.47 inches tall and 20.94 inches deep. Visually, the case rocks the same Stars Wars-esque stylings of the original Phantom, only with a window slapped on the side. Inside, there’s three 5.25 inch slots and six 3.5 inch slots, all of which rock a toolless design (and hide the connectors on the side of the case opposite the window).  With all drive bays intact, you can install a graphics card up to 12 inches in length, or if you need a bit more graphical oomph, you can remove the upper drive cage (which holds four bays) to squeeze in graphics cards up to 15.75 inches in length.

Check out the product page for the NZXT Phantom 410 for more details . The case goes on sale (in red, white and black) December 9th.

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