NZXT Takes Another Stab at the Sentry Mix Fan Controller

Paul Lilly

Sometimes the sequel is better than the original.

Truth be told, NZXT's original Sentry Mix fan controller was kind of ugly. The general design wasn't bad, but the big grey sliders stuck out like a sore thumb on any black themed case. NZXT's new Sentry Mix 2 improves upon the original with a better aesthetic design and PWM-ready connectors, giving users of all types (mainstream, gamers, and overclockers) fine grain control over a variety of fans.

The Sentry Mix 2 offers six channels, each of which is fed 30 watts of continuous power. To change the fan speed speed, simply slide the dial up or down.

It's not particularly fancy nor does it seem complicated from what we can tell. It's basically an improved version of the original with a mesh-black faceplate, glossy black sliders, and integrated color LED lighting with five different colors to choose from.

The Sentry Mix 2 will be available soon for $30 MSRP.

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