NZXT Releases High Performance Cooler for Gaming Laptops

Paul Lilly

As gaming notebooks continue to march into mainstream price points, your lap is becoming the new hot spot (literally) for gaming goodness. That might not be the best thing for your little swimmers, let alone all that high-end hardware cramped into a 15-inch chassis. But it's great for companies putting out notebook coolers, like NZXT has done with its just-announced Cyro S .

"Just like its award-winning big brother, the Cyro LX, this [Cyro S] cools not only the fan vents, but it removes heat from the entire notebook case which is crucial for high performance gaming making the Cyro S best in its class for effective notebook cooling," said Johnny Hou, Chief Designer at NZXT.

The sleek-looking Cyro S comes constructed out of thick, brushed aluminum to help whisk heat away, aided by two adjustable 120mm fans for active cooling duties. A rubber finish elevates the notebook ever-so-slightly to prevent heat from building up and beef up its airflow. You can power the Cyro S via a USB port or with the included AC adapter.

NZXT says the Cyro S will be available later this month for $50 from Newegg.

Image Credit: NZXT

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