NZXT Puts Cooling and Cable Management on the "Grid"

Paul Lilly

NZXT's Grid is an affordable 10-port fan hub with a twist.

Anyone can be a master at cable management, it just takes a little patience, planning, and careful execution. That doesn't mean it's easy. Some of today's cases come with more fan mounts than you have fingers to count, and if you take advantage of all that air cooling potential, cable management can quickly get out of hand. That's where NZXT's new Grid 10-port fan hub comes into play.

The Grid is a fully enclosed, low-profile box that lets you install up to 10 fans in virtually any location. It comes with a 200mm Molex to 3-pin power adapter, 200mm 3-pin female-to-female adapter, two 200mm 3-pin male-to-female extensions, and five black zip ties.

"When NZXT introduced the integrated fan hub to its Switch 810 and Phantom 630 cases, it raised the bar for the entire industry in terms of cable management capabilities. Now, NZXT brings its versatile fan hub to the mass market with a streamlined, sleek design," NZXT says. "Capable of powering up to ten fans, the NZXT Grid lets you saturate your case with fans while maintaining superb cable management. With white LED indicator lights and included fan extension cables, the Grid ensures the inside of your case looks just as good as the outside."

That's really all there is to it. There's something to be said for simplicity, and equally enticing is the price tag, which is just $12 MSRP.

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