NZXT Intros Cable Starter Kit For Impatient System Builders

Brad Chacos

You might think your brand new mobo, CPU, graphics card and case are fancy, but nothing kicks a custom PC build to the next level like individually braided power cables. Re-sleeving the individual cables on your power connectors can be incredibly time-intensive. Enter NZXT, and their new Premium Cables Starter Kit, which includes four of the most common cables you'll want spruce up.

As you might have assumed, the Starter Kit includes some of the most common cables around, all of which are 250mm (9.84 inches) long:

  • CB 6V - 6Pin VGA Extension
  • CB 24P - 24Pin Motherboard Extension
  • CB 8P - 8Pin Motherboard Extension
  • CB 8V - 6Pin to 6+2Pin VGA Extension

On top of having all those cables in a single package, the Premium Cables Starter Kit isn't all that expensive, either, at $25. Buying just the 6 Pin VGA extension and the two mobo cables through NZXT costs $25, so this kit basically tosses in the 6+2 Pin VGA extension for free. Not too shabby.

Check out the NZXT site for more details, but these won't be available until March. (Normally, that means tomorrow, but this February has an extra day. Stupid leap years.)

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