NZXT Builds a "Bunker" for Your Pricey Peripherals

Paul Lilly

If you have a free drive bay floating around your system, you can convert it into a safety deposit box for your USB peripherals using NZXT's Bunker .

The way it works is simple. There are four USB ports in the Bunker, two of which you'll presumably use for your USB keyboard and mouse. Close the lid over the front, turn the lock, and stick the key in your pocket. The cables are routed through an opening too small for accommodate the USB connectors, so if someone still wants to steal your gear, they're going to have to cut the cables first.

"We place a great deal of importance on portability and security," said Johnny Ho u, founder and chief designer at NZXT. "Whether you're transporting your rig to a LAN party or would like more peace of mind in the dorm, Bunker will ensure that your peripherals and media remain secure."

The Bunker will go on sale in March and carry and MSRP of $25.

Image Credit: NZXT

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