Nvidia's Tegra 4 Platform Will Power Microsoft's Surface 2 Tablets



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"It also revealed that it will sport a 1371x771 resolution (or, more likely, 1366x768, same as the original Surface RT)." Really, Microsoft?? You *still* stuck in the past? Is this 2002?? WTF! I wouldn't touch it with res. less than 1920x1080, which is a dated resolution as is.



I wonder how a Tegra 4 would run full Windows? I've seen an Atom processor and it's decent until you need to scroll really fast or watch a video. I can only assume an Atom would still run better than a Tegra 4 if it's ARM based. But if the Tegra is NVIDIA powered, video could look good right?

Why are we even still talking about RT? Why you make RT Microsoft!!! Ugh!



Tegera 4 is arm based.



Will the Tegra processor allow for standard software to be loaded to the tablet or does the device get hobbled just like the ARM based version?



Tegra is ARM based. Tegra4 specifically has 4 Cortex A15 cores for example.

"or does the device get hobbled just like the ARM based version"

Bad experience with Tegra3 hmm? Tegra3 was a joke when it was released. Tegra4 blows Tegra3 out of the water in performance.

on the flip side....A15's are power hungry beasts. I'm interested in how Microsoft plans on fitting a battery large enough to feed them for a full day of battery life.



Make it $400 or less and I might consider it. I love the idea of having a really nice tablet like the surface, and it is a really nice tablet, but I just can't afford to pay a ton of money for something that is meant to do simple on the go tasks. Not to mention that they need to start getting more developer support, which is one of the soul reasons people use android and ios over windows rt.



And given the fact that so many people already have so much invested in apps, and such on those other devices MS should've game at this gamehard. Perhaps even taking a loss on the hardware to get these into peoples hands. (They could always make the loss up in software.)