Nvidia's WHQL-Certified 301.42 Drivers Bring Gameplay Enhancements And GeForce 600 Series Support

Brad Chacos

Good news for early GeForce/Verde 600 series adopters: Nvidia's just released a set of WHQL-certified drivers for desktop and notebook gamers alike, one welcomes all the new entries to the Nvidia graphics family with open arms and gives them a big ol' group hug. GeForce 400 and 500 series owners will feel the love, too, thanks to a performance boost of up to 20 percent in a host of top-tier games.

The actual frame rate improvements depend on both the game being played and your particular setup, of course; the benchmarks examining systems with a single GTX 560 Ti and the new drivers showed a roughly 3 to 10 percent frame rate increase, for example. Skyrim nabbed a big boost from the 301.42 update, as you can see above.

The new drivers also place the mini-controversy surrounding the GTX 670 and its 3-way SLI support to rest by boosting the card up to full 4-way capabilities. The 301.42 drivers also bring updates for Nvidia Surround, PhysX and OpenCL, along with a ton of new 3D Vision and SLI profiles. Finally, 301.42 adds Adaptive Vsync and FXAA antialiasing to all GeForce 8-series and later GPUs.

Check out Nvidia's blog post for a full list of updates, including the various SLI and 3D Vision profile updates, or download the 301.42 drivers here .

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