Nvidia's GeForce GT 430 Serves Up DX11 Graphics on a Budget

Paul Lilly

Just because you might be saddled with a tight budget doesn't mean you have to resort to integrated graphics. Hell, you can even equip your system to handle DirectX 11 eye candy without spending big bucks. Enter Nvidia's GeForce GT 430 , the latest addition to its Fermi family that costs less than a C-note.

For around $80 (give or take depending on make and model), Nvidia is pitching its GeForce GT 430 primarily at digital media PCs rather than a dedicated gaming box. The GPU comes built on a 40nm manufacturing process and includes 96 CUDA cores, a 700MHz core clockspeed, 1GB of DDR3 clocked at 900MHz, a 128-bit memory bus, 4 ROPs, and 585 million transistors.

It also supports HDMI 1.4a for 3D content, HD 24-bit multi-channel audio up to 192KHz, and of course Nvidia's PhysX technology. And while it's not intended as a gaming powerhouse, Nvidia claims you can expect up to 1.5x the performance of "previous generation products" and "playable framerates in all of today's top 30 games, when compared to integrated graphics solutions."

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Image Credit: Nvidia

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