Nvidia's Full Kepler Lineup Leaked to the Web

Paul Lilly

Anticipation for Nvidia's upcoming Kepler launch is running high these days. Rumors and early reports suggest Kepler's going to be king of the GPU castle when it's released, promptly stealing back the performance crown that sits atop AMD's Radeon HD 7970, but details have mostly been sparse. That is, until now. A full lineup of Kepler graphics cards has been leaked to the Web, complete with specs, release dates, prices, and more.

Here's part of the full monty, according to EXPreview Lenzfire (original source):

  • GTX 690: 2x1.75GB, 2x6.4 billion transistors, $999, Q3 2012
  • GTX 680: 2GB, 6.4 billion transistors, $649, April
  • GTX 670: 1.75GB, 6.4 billion transistors, $499, April
  • GTX 660 Ti: 1.5GB, 6.4 billion transistors, $399, Q2/Q3 2012
  • GTX 660: 2GB, 3.4 billion transistors, $319, April
  • GTX 650 Ti: 1.75GB, 3.4 billion transistors, $249, Q2/Q3 2012
  • GTX 650: 1.5GB, 1.8 billion transistors, $179, May
  • GTX 640: 2GB, 1.8 billion transistors, $139, May

EXPreview Lenzfire posted plenty of other details about each GPU, but what's really interesting is how Kepler's performance supposedly scales. According to EXPreview's charts, the GTX 680 and 670 will outpace AMD Radeon's HD 7970 by around 45 percent and 20 percent, respectively, and GTX 670 will run around 20 percent faster than the 7950.

Based on the leaked info, you can expect the GTX 660 to offer roughly the same performance as a current generation GTX 580, and the GTX 650 Ti as a GTX 570, GTX 650 as a GTX 560, and the GTX 640 as a GTX 550 Ti.

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