Nvidia's Fermi Chips Supposedly Available in Low Quantities in March

Ryan Whitwam

Nvidia has been largely silent on their upcoming Fermi GPUs. Now we’re hearing that the new line of consumer DirectX 11 graphics processors will be going into production around the third week of February. Apparently, “low quantities” will be available in mid-March.

Nvidia has fallen behind GPU rival AMD/ATI since the latter released their first DirectX 11 part last September. The Fermi chips were originally slated for a November release. The delays led some to speculate that Nvidia was shifting their business away from consumer level desktop graphics cards, and toward mobile and enterprise solutions.

When the new chip goes into production, yields are expected to be low. They are, however, expected to be higher than current Radeon 5800 yields, which hover around 4%. With all the delays, hopefully Nvidia can at least get it right and really knock our socks off in the performance department.

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