Nvidia's Dual GPU GeForce GTX Titan Z Graphics Card Arrives

Paul Lilly

Two-headed beast from Team Nvidia is ready to hit the town

We're getting bombarded with press releases from boutique builders and graphics card makers announcing the availability of Nvidia's GeForce GTX Titan Z, and with good reason. Today is the day Nvidia is launching the dual-GPU Titan Z , which brings tons of pixel pushing power to the gaming and high-end graphics scene. If you really want to make a statement (and a dent in your bank account), you can grab two and rock a quad-SLI rig.

"GTX Titan Z is the fastest and most advanced graphics card we’ve ever made. A technical masterpiece, designed from top to bottom for record breaking performance, the innovatively-designed GTX Titan Z has 12 GB of 7Gbps video memory, a 12 phase power supply with dynamic power balancing, full speed double precision support, 5,760 CUDA cores, and two GK110 GTX Titan Black GPUs to power 3840x2160 resolutions," Nvidia says.

According to Nvidia, the double-precision computational power of multiple GTX Titan Z-accelerated systems now eclipses that of multi-million dollar supercomputers, and does it while using a fraction of the power and space. Pretty impressive.

You have to pay to play in this kind of high-end territory with an MSRP that sits at $2,999. Expect to see custom cooled models going for even more.

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