Nvidia's Drew Henry: Fermi Yields are Fine, We're Not Close Partners with XFX


In an interview with DigiTimes, Nvidia's general manager of MCP business Drew Henry fielded a variety of questions and in some cases, offered up a little more than just canned responses. Other times it was a bit of a mixed bag, such as when he was asked to address the rumors that Nvidia gimped Fermi's core count in response to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's (TSMC's) low yields.

"Nvidia does not comment on unannounced products; however, we have a chance to launch a graphics chip with 512 cores in the future," Henry said. "TSMC's yields for its 40nm process has met our expectations and market rumors about the yields being lower than 20% are completely untrue. We currently have everything under control."

Henry also didn't shy away from commenting on Nvidia's relationship with XFX, a one-time exclusive partner who now sells both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.

"I need to make two clarifications, one is that Nvidia's share of the graphics card market in the past six months has seen steady growth and did not drop," Henry explained. "Another one is that XFX is not a close partner of Nvidia and the company has a lot of partners such as Asustek computer, Micro-Star International (MSI), Gigabyte Technology, and Zotac that we are currently working closely with."

On the topic of Fermi's heat output and increased power consumption, Henry said he believes consumers won't mind paying a "little higher electricity bill in exchange for 10 percent more performance."

Read the full interview here .

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