Nvidia Settles Canadian Class Action Lawsuit for $1.8 MIllion



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i have a aspire 5517 series. anyone have any advice for me?



I had a TX1000 laptop.

ALtho it doesn't have those symptoms, the nvidia chip would overheat spectacularly (even on a cooling bench with regular use) and melt the solder on the motherboard.



Class Action Lawsuit:
Lawyers: make nearly 2 Million!!! Happy Days!

Affected Customers: $5 check & a Coupon for 10% off on their next Laptop/Notebook purchase?



Now, now, do you *know* if Canada is [also] ruled by a collusion of corporate and trial lawyers?



Interestingly enough..., I had a laptop from Dell that had one of the Nvidia chips under recall.
I had Dell replace the motherboard on the laptop and they gave me an extra year of warranty.
Now imagine my surprise when a little after a year my laptop crapped out with exactly the same issue.



Kind of like my expensive laptop with discrete gs8600m it had inside. The chip just stopped working and have me a black screen. Only good thing that came out of that hunk of junk was the hard drive which I trew into my ps3. Kind of why I'm now in favor of AMD apu. For laptops.



I also have a laptop with that gs8600m inside: an old Macbook Pro that I bought for next to nothing to dabble in Mac stuff with.

Surprisingly it plays every DX9.0c game better than an xbox 360 or PS3 (despite lame-ass Intel gimping its RAM speed and SATA speed) and functions as a backup gaming laptop for Borderlands 1 & 2. The Nvidia issue does concern me though.

Every time I get an Nvidia GPU it either dies outright (like my old PNY GeForce cards) or is liable to die due to a defect. Similarly, every time I get an Intel computer it is gimped due to Intel being sadistic.

I'd like to pick up a cheapy APU notebook to use as a "disposable" laptop but none of them have a 1080 display. Even if the APU can't game at 1080 I would still appreciate the resolution as it is useful for many things besides gaming, things that the APU can easily handle.



Mostly because I don't believe in laptop gaming very much, That's what my console and desktop are for. I am right there with you.

I'm an honest die hard Intel fan, (father works there) its how I was raised to be. I'm also a nVidia fan boy because of a great track record with them.

But when it comes to cheap and reliable laptops that serve their purpose (work typically and some light gaming) AMD apu's have been my first choice every time.



Couldn't agree more although in all fairness, I've always used AMD on all of my builds. Two HTPC's (A10 and A6), one home server (Athlon II 220) and one main desktop office PC (PII 970) all run some sort of AMD CPU/APU. I can't help it. I find that I'm saving a lot when I look at the cost of a mobo and CPU combo compared to its Intel counterpart. Don't get me wrong though. Intel's products are superb and probably the most powerful consumer CPU's out there. But when it comes to bang for the buck I'm AMD all the way.

Having said that, I'd be lying if I said that ALL of my cpu's are AMD though. My only laptop - a 13" Macbook Pro (mid 2009) given to me by brother in-law - happens to run an Intel Core 2 Duo.