Nvidia Retains Lead in Discrete Graphics Card Business, Shipments Down Overall



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i feel like going down in graphics is a step backward.



I don't understand why consumers aren't lining up like lemmings to drop $750-1000 on their video cards. And buying two or three at a time! I just don't get it....



Once you go G-Sync... there is NO going back to what the other 'UnWashed' Masses are using (ATI - Radeon).

Radeon 'Free-Sync' is VAPORWARE until next year... assuming it even is ready for prime time and valid testing.


I also installed the DIY G-Sync kit in a couple of 24" ASUS VG248QE monitors... $260 for the monitor... $208.50 for the G-Sync module from Nvidia:





If you want a gsync monitor right now, your only options are TN. Pretty lame if you're coming from IPS. You can talk about freesync being vaporware, but it's been almost a year since Gsync was announced and NOBODY has an IPS solution yet.



$468.50 is too much for me to pay for a 1080 TN monitor w G-sync. It's ridiculous that the G-Sync module costs so much :(

Not to mention that I'd have to shell out hundreds to get an Nvidia card. I'm extremely reluctant to buy into a display scheme that requires Nvidia tech in both my monitor and GPU.

I'm hitching my hopes to Freesync. No proprietary monitors required and there's a slim chance that its rumored support from the current consoles could make it mainstream in all displays. I hope so as those console guys really need something like this; their eyes will thank them :)



You're going to need to upgrade anyway, since DisplayPort 1.2a isn't going to be one of those things you can just "upgrade to" via firmware updates. You might get lucky on the video card end but that's about it.

Plus it's an optional part of the spec. I imagine the only monitor manufacturers that will adopt it will be those that make marked-up "gaming" monitors.


Peanut Fox

I'd like to try G-Sync, it's just unfortunate that all of the compatible panels suck. It'd be a noticeable downgrade from my old screens, and I don't mean size/resolution.

I'm hoping we can see the technology in some better units as I've been shopping for some upgrades for a while now.



Last Nvidia card I had was a 9800 GTX, couldn't imagine ever buying another one. AMD just ticks all the boxes.



Yup, AMD/ATI ticks all the boxes:

Half-baked hardware - CHECK!
Crappy drivers - CHECK!
Buggy updates - CHECK!
Poor power usage - CHECK!



Bought two Nvidia and one AMD graphics cards in the past year. The AMD is the first in many years (an HD 7850)and so far I'm happy with it. Only gripe is that its not quite as smooth in certain areas of Skyrim (which I play a lot) than the Nvidia cards. Usually in certain lighting areas of caves and ruins.