Nvidia Releases WHQL Certified 327.23 Drivers



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Hi guys.

I am using a GTX 560.

My machine will not sleep since I installed this new driver. I have my machine set to wake up, run scheduled tasks, and then sleep again while I'm out at work. I also manually put the PC into sleep mode whenever I finish using it.

I installed this driver the other morning and I have been unable to make my PC enter sleep mode. When I tell it to sleep, my display goes black as it normally would upon sleep mode activation, but the machine remains on and running and pretty much defying my command to sleep. Moving the mouse or pressing any key will immediately reactivate the display with me still logged in and the computer not locked and requiring a password as it used to do before this new driver was installed.

I have double and triple checked all the power options and sleep settings but I can find no problem with these. I can shut down the system without issue, and I have hibernate mode disabled.

Can anybody offer any advice that may help with this problem?

Any other system info required, just ask!

Cheers lads.



After this update my gpu is coil whining i mean come on nvidia :s dont make me feel why i choose this over AMD after many many years.



I updated to these drivers on 3 machines and haven't had a problem with multi-monitors, HDMI or anything else using MSI 560Ti, EVGA 560Ti and a normal 560 a HTPC. I don't have a wide array of differing graphics products but the systems are all quite different. It might be interesting to know if those claiming to have issues are using older video cards or they are in specialized laptop implementations or something else is going on.

When I see these mostly generic "doesn't work" comments mixed with poor writing and grammar I can't help but assume some company's competitor is throwing out bad marketing in an attempt to discredit. This isn't to suggest drivers ALWAYS work, but normally the WHQL certified ones are above the basic problems some of the replies have noted.



I am using MSI GTX670 PE in SLI. I have 2 identical DVI monitors connected to card 1.

When the driver is updated, secondary monitor instantly turned black and go to sleep mode.

Funny thing is, when I swap secondary monitor to DVI 1, it still don't work. It seems the card don't like my secondary monitor.

When I reinstalled the previous version, everything work fine again.



I updated my driver to this version, my secondary monitor instant go offline, and only able to stick to my primary to boot up. Replace with the old driver, it go back to normal.

Also, I would like to point out, since the Geforce goes to version 314, native resolution can't be detected on the secondary monitor.

Anyone has similar experience?



The drivers will often reset nvidia control panel setups previously used, try seeing if your nvidia control panel settings have been reset and reconfigure



No problems on my end. :D



3D games are fine. My desktop on the other hand has a lot of problems.
It's quite likely because I'm running in surround, but man is Windows 7 wonky now.



I wish they would actually get their server fixed so the download doesn't take forever.



The next post is why I always get nervous about updating my drivers.

And has anyone ever once realized the gains claimed? I cannot believe my GTX 580 is going to see any big boosts.



my Nividia control panel keeps force closing with this driver, I've rolled back, and re installed this a few times and it only force closes when I'm on 327.23. I've done a clean instillation and shut off the anti virus, powered down for a few minutes and still doesn't work. It's always the same, Nividia control panel opens, works fine on all tabs until I click the manage 3d settings at which point it says, app 7.4.760.0 has stopped working, and from that point on it keeps force closing every time I even open it till I roll back to an old driver... :,( HELP me I don't get whats wrong.. OS is windows 8 64-bit, I have a msi 670



For those in Europe you can sign up for driver notifications by email sent to you as soon as they become available.

You can subscribe here: http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/newsletter-uk.html

That's what I do, anyway.



Even my 8800 GTX would benefit?



8800 GTX?! Is that sarcasm?

I guess it is serviceable, I have a 8600 GT M that can kinda play DX9 games, but wow.



Doubtful, friend. Couldn't hurt though



In other news, Hiroshi Yamauchi, the father of Nintendo has just died.