Nvidia Q1 Earnings Report Shows Growth for High End GPU Business



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PC gaming is dead.



John Pombrio

When will PC manufacturers realize how much money we enthusiasts spend on our rigs? Where is the love, dammit?



Real Enthusiasts spend next to nothing =)
You going to get Haswell Refresh? =)



There's the enthusiast that waits patiently, spends when there's a steal and generally plans efficiently and maybe tinkers and customizes their rig to their liking. Then there's the enthusiast that does the later half of my previous statement, but generally has more money to blow on iterative refreshes when they deem a change intriguing (at least at first) enough to pull the trigger. One upgrades for what they need, the other upgrades for what they want. I think i'll upgrade after this "well" has run dry for Intel since i haven't seen substantial or compelling enough reason (numbers) to make a move from x58. I have upgraded from a 480SLI to 680 though, in addition to an SSD. Those upgrades were worth it.


The Mac

Yeah, ive yet to find a compelling reason to upgrade my 2500K on P67.

Broadwell will probably be when i will next upgrade, although supposedly it wont have DDR4 which is disappointing.