Nvidia May Pull Two More Graphics Cards From Its Hat in 2013



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I don't mind one $1000 card. I don't even mind one $750 card. But when nVidia has as many cards above $500 as it does below it, that demonstrates a trend that I'm not too excited about.


Sir Hobbes3

NVidia really needs to ramp up the quality of their low end cards. They could at least put decent coolers on them and every card could start having gddr5 memory.



Good thing i only bought 1 780 then, as it looks like it's becoming redundant pretty quickly



A Tiitan dual GPU wouldn't be too surprising. There has always been a dual GPU version of the highest end single GPU, although it would take some significant engineering to keep thermals down on it. I would expect some serious downclocking to happen.



How many people are out there that would make it worthwhile for them to produce a $2000+ card? I drew the line at $600 for my 680, these prices are getting out of hand


Ghost XFX

With the EVGA GTX 780 SC/ACX punching the Titan in the gut, I'm not surprised by this at all. It makes the purpose of having a Titan at all seem foolish. I'll be looking forward to buying myself a GTX 780 SC/ ACX in a year from now. With it's performance, it's future proof, you'll never have a need for a better GPU.

This is why I always wait to see what comes along, before buying GPUs. GPUs are constantly evolving. 2 years from now, the Titan may not be any better than a HD 4850. But with the 780 SC/ACX, might they have hit the wall for performance?



This is a rather odd post, probably from yet another nv fanboy pissed at the pricing of the Titan and therefore happy to crap on it at any chance they get.

BTW - There is no such thing as a future proof gfx solution and your comparison of the 780 SC ACX to a vanilla Titan is rather humorous; except on price, perhaps, but that ignores the 6GB vs 3GB comparison on the vram, and the fact that there is a TITAN SC, etc.

When you have a TITAN SC with modded bios, there is no punch to the gut. Regardless, using your logic, my gfx solution is even more future proof than yours (the one you do not actually own yet lol!), and I also do not have to wait a year to get it! It is already here!

Of course, does any of this matter? Nah. I will just grab the GTX 880 when that comes, OR probably one of those two new cards that are rumored to appear before the end of the year (Titan Ultra). This what happens when you have a great job that pays well - you can afford your toys as you see fit!



In a way you just got beat by 2 kids who don't. Have a job (aren't old enough) we are building a $1410 gaming computer and in 3 months we are already half way to that $1400 build (not including future upgrades like a better monitor and speakers) so please sit down :P