Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti Benchmarks



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Ghost XFX

That's awesome, but my pockets...ow!

More seriously, I'd still take the R9 290X over it. Cost and performance wise, it's more than enough, plus, I don't have to buy a brand new monitor for Mantle.

Biggest issue for me with the R9...that damn noodle strainer fan!!!!!

Seriously, AMD, get your ass in gear and replace that damn thing! It was bad when it first hit the market, it's no damn better today! Somebody needs to call them out on that damn thing! Because reference card or not, it allows more heat to remain around the card than if they just gave it a real fan to cool it down with.

Where's Gordon!? Somebody Send Gordon and the Borg Collective to AMD to muscle those meatheads around! Their fan SUCKS, and you have no idea how bad the puns are in that statement!

Oh, BTW...Nvidia can drop the price on their Titan now. It's obvious it no longer lives up to it's name.


The Mac

I have a feeling its done intentionally to give the AIBs some value-add.

You want it NOAW..you get the noodle strainer.

If you can wait a month or two, the AIBs get a little extra dough...



Agreed. I never ever buy a card that uses the 'Reference Design". Rather I go for a third party version with real fans and superior cooling.


The Mac

i do sometimes, it depends on how loud it is realy. I prefer the heat exausted, rather than dumped in the case if i can.

4xxx, i had AIB, 5xxx i had reference, 6xxx i had reference, 7xxx i have AIB.

As much as people complain, the reference cooler are adequate. Nothing exciting, but adequate.



If I had a older card I would definitely be buying this! I'll stick with my GTX 690 for now, maybe next year I'll do a new build.



Those 2560 x 1600 benchmark results are amazing! I'm gaming on 5040 x 1050 so I'm not sure if I should be more concerned with the "traditional" benchmarks or the 4k. For me, it honestly doesn't matter though. It's hard to recall the last time I saw a card shatter the competition so completely. I want it! And that is coming from an AMD fan-boy.