Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti Benchmarks



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Agreed. I never ever buy a card that uses the 'Reference Design". Rather I go for a third party version with real fans and superior cooling.


The Mac

i do sometimes, it depends on how loud it is realy. I prefer the heat exausted, rather than dumped in the case if i can.

4xxx, i had AIB, 5xxx i had reference, 6xxx i had reference, 7xxx i have AIB.

As much as people complain, the reference cooler are adequate. Nothing exciting, but adequate.



If I had a older card I would definitely be buying this! I'll stick with my GTX 690 for now, maybe next year I'll do a new build.



Those 2560 x 1600 benchmark results are amazing! I'm gaming on 5040 x 1050 so I'm not sure if I should be more concerned with the "traditional" benchmarks or the 4k. For me, it honestly doesn't matter though. It's hard to recall the last time I saw a card shatter the competition so completely. I want it! And that is coming from an AMD fan-boy.