Nvidia Envisions Longer Lasting Gaming Laptops with 800M Series GPUs



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I'm at a tossup here.

On one hand, I do like that they're aiming to make GPUs more efficient. This would mean better options across all platforms without too many compromises (e.g., want a beefy GPU? Hope you like carrying a boat anchor, etc.) Hopefully though, this would mean less heat overall when running something on the GPU. The only thing that I don't like about high-performance laptops is they develop uncomfortable zones of heat.

On the other hand, I still have no real plans to game on battery and some people will probably scoff at the idea of nerfing the GPU deliberately in pursuit of best performance ever (which of course, we could always say "why didn't you get a desktop?"). Even if it's battery saving on the GPU while not gaming, Optimus already does a very good job at doing this by just shutting the GPU off until needed.



Anything that gets GPUs either in addition to or in lieu of Intel GPUs into laptops deserves a thumbs-up in my book.



YES! I'm so happy that mobile GPUs are becoming more efficient. It's only logical given the recent Ultrabook revolution and emphasis on battery life. This, along with a Haswell/Broadwell CPU, will make for some pretty viable gaming "ultrabooks."

I can't wait.