Nvidia Yanks 196.75 Drivers to Investigate Overheating Reports

Paul Lilly

There's more trouble brewing in the Nvidia camp, this time over a driver release that may not have been ready for prime time. According to Tom Hernandez over at IncGamers.com, several StarCraft II beta testers have complained tht their videocards have gone belly up after installing Nvidia's 196.75 drivers.

"Some players were blaming the StarCraft II Beta client's latest patch, but a Blizzard Tech Support representative quickly explained the issue is caused by the latest Nvidia 196.75 drivers," Hernandez writes. "Blizzard recommended to uninstall the Nvidia 196.75 drivers, and to downgrade to the previous driver version: 196.21."

Apparently this isn't limited to just StarCraft II. The issue, says Blizzard, relates to the fan control in Nvidia's latest driver, which is leaving videocards prone to overheating while running 3D applications. This has also led to lower than expected framerates, and even motherboard damage, according to reports.

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