Nvidia Wants to Rule the Graphics World

Paul Lilly

Goals are good, according to our parents, elementary school teachers from yesteryear, and everyone else who told us to aim high. A little graphics card company called Nvidia -- perhaps you've heard of them? -- took those words of encouragement to heart and has set its sights on regaining its top position in the graphics card market.

It's not a matter of if, but when, according to Nvidia's general manager of notebook product business, Rene Haas. Why is a notebook product manager getting into the discussion about graphics card? Well, Haas predicts the company's mobile Fermi-based GeForce 400M series will put the company back on top.

Haas points out that Nvidia has gone and released seven GeForce 400M-based GPUs, all of which support the company's Optimus technology and run, on average, 40 percent faster than the competition. And despite Nvidia's past problems in the mobile sector, companies aren't holding a grudge. Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, MSI, and Toshiba are all using GeForce 400M graphics in their notebook lineup.

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