Nvidia Unveils NVS 300 Enterprise Graphics Card


Hey, they can't all be GeForce GTX 580 caliber cards and dual-GPU Cayman killers (which we're still waiting on), and sometimes you have to cater to the professional crowd as well. That's what Nvidia is doing with the launch of its NVS 300 graphics card, a GPU specifically designed for the enterprise with 25 percent more efficient power utilization when compared to the NVS 295, Nvidia claims.

"The NVS is built for demanding enterprises that require high reliability, improved manageability, and tremendous value," said Jeff Brown , general manager, Professional Solutions Group, Nvidia. "The ability to support legacy and current display types provides an upgrade path without disrupting existing, complex installations."

Nvidia is touting versatile connectivity with the NVS 300. The low-profile card supports single and multi-display setups via the nView Desktop Management software and the built-in Mosaic technology, which allows for taskbar spanning and transparent scaling of any app across up to eight displays.

The NVS 300 is available now for $150.

Image Credit: Nvidia

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