Nvidia Unveils Its First Integrated Tegra LTE Chip

Paul Lilly

The Tegra 4i processor, previously codenamed Project Grey, features 60 custom Nvidia GPU cores.

Nvidia's firing on all cylinders today. The GPU maker made waves early this morning by formally introducing the world to its GeForce GTX Titan graphics card, which is supposed to offer comparable performance to the dual-GPU GeForce GTX 690 part for the same price, and now Nvidia is announcing its first fully integrated 4G LTE mobile processor, the Tegra 4i (codenamed Project Grey).

Tegra 4i sports 60 custom Nvidia GPU cores, a quad-core CPU based on ARM's R4 Cortex A9 CPU plus a fifth battery saver core, and a version of the Nvidia i500 LTE modem optimized for integration into mobile chips. Put it all together and you're left with a power efficient, compact, high-performance mobile processor for smartphones.

"Nvidia is delivering for the first time a single, integrated processor that powers all the major functions of a smartphone," said Phil Carmack , senior vice president of the Mobile business at Nvidia. "Tegra 4i phones will provide amazing computing power, world-class phone capabilities, and exceptionally long battery life."

The CPU in Tegra 4i runs at 2.3GHz and is supposedly the most efficient, highest performance CPU core on the market. On the graphics side, the SoC utilizes the same overall architecture as Tegra 4's GPU and is capable of console-quality gaming and Full HD 1080 HD visuals.

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