Nvidia Unveils GPU Roadmap

Paul Lilly

As a hobby, building PCs is no place for the fickle minded, not unless their wallets run deep. No sooner do you power on your DIY build, you find every part inside is already old news, or soon will be. And if you just picked up a Fermi card, well, this applies to you too.

During Nvidia's GPU Technical Conference, the graphics chip maker revealed its GPU roadmap for the next several years. About to go into production is "Kepler," Fermi's successor that will come built on a 28nm manufacturing process.

"We expect to go into production later next year, the design is progressing vvery rapidly. There are hundreds of engineers working on it," said Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia.

Barring any delays, Kepler is due to arrive in the second-half of 2011. Two years later, Nvidia plans to release a part codenamed "Maxwell," which the company says will offer two to three times the performance of Fermi.

Image Credit: vizworld.com

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