Nvidia to Provide Graphics Boost for Atom Netbooks

Paul Lilly

Earlier this month Nvidia reiterated interest in the mini-laptop market, essentially saying it was taking a wait-and-see approach. The graphics chip maker must have liked what it has seen since then, because it appears the company isn't going to wait much longer.

According to DigiTimes, Intel and Nvidia are taking their suddenly cozy relationship into the netbook sector. The two, who just recently finally resolved a licensing dispute allowing SLI technology on Intel chipsets, are said to be working together to enable Nvidia chipset support for the Atom platform. If the rumor pans out, Nvidia's MCP7A chipset will be the first to support Atom processors, with Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI ready to take advantage of the collaboration.

Rumors of a partnership between Intel and Nvidia have been going on since last summer. At the time, Nvidia and VIA had entered into an alliance, leading many to speculate the move was intended to give Nvidia a bargaining chip in convincing Intel to let its Atom chip support Nvidia's MCP73 IGP chipset, or face stiff competition from what could be a potent VIA Nano platform .

No matter what prompted the change of heart, this partnership can be viewed as another major win for Nvidia, who has had a tumultuous year.  But more recently, the company has managed to wiggle its way into Apple's refreshed MacBook line, and now appears to be in position to profit from one of the few markets withstanding the global economic storm.

Image Credit: Nvidia and Intel

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