Nvidia to Launch Dual-GPU GeForce GTX 590 Next Month

Paul Lilly

So little Billy's been bugging you for an update on when Nvidia plans to finally launch a new dual-GPU videocard, because even though his AMD Radeon HD 5970 still has the moxie to play the latest titles, he's been bitten by the upgrade bug. Poor little fella. Fear not, because you can tell Billy that Nvidia's planning to launch its two-GPU GeForce GTX 590 videocard in mid-March, and if not, you'll hunt down every one of DigiTimes' sources and plant a fist right in their suck-hole for getting his hopes up.

We'll go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt, because if they're right, it's about to get a little crazy in the graphics market. A month after Nvidia launches its GTX 590, AMD plans to release its dual-GPU Radeon HD 6990. It appears AMD could actually release the card right now if it wanted to, but is insisting that Nvidia go first. This would give AMD time to optimize its drivers and, if necessary, tweak the design.

It won't end there. Those same sources who've put their face on the line for little Billy also say that both Nvidia and AMD have noticed dropping demand for entry-level graphics because of the rise of APUs. As a result, both plan to put more focus on the performance market.

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