Nvidia Supposedly Working on New PC-Streaming Device

Sean D Knight

Another contender for the living room

Looks like Nvidia isn’t done trying to get into the living room. According to the BBC , Nvidia is developing a new device that will play PC games on televisions, making use of the developer’s GeForce Experience software. It will also run Android software and, BBC reports, will have a “budget-priced separate controller.”

Purported to be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra K1 chip, the unnamed device boasts a 192-core GPU and was shown last month running a demo of the Unreal Engine 4 on the Android L mobile operating system. While it will run Android games natively, it is also rumored to have the ability to stream PC games via Nvidia’s GeForce Experience. However, if the device makes use of the software, then it would be restricted to the company’s more recent cards.

Aside from the additional cost of purchasing a new GPU to take full advantage of the device, it would also be in contention with Valve’s own in-home streaming service. Not to mention that it would go up against Valve's Steam Machine which has been pushed back to 2015 .

For now, Nvidia has declined to confirm the existence of the new device.

Could this device be a sequel to the Nvidia Shield, which hasn’t been very successful, or will this be a brand new product?

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