Nvidia SLI on X58 Motherboards Without a Chip


Cnet posted an article saying that Nvidia is now offering what it calls "native" licensing of SLI to its partners and system builders. Native licensing will not require the use of Nvidia's nForce 200 bridge for the Core i7 and X58 motherboards. That is right, no chip. The difference between native and the nForce 200 is that native SLI allows for more “common configurations”. There were no details on what “common configurations” could mean. Only the boards certified by Nvidia will be Nvidia will be able to enable SLI.

Pure speculation on my part is that it might mean only dual cards in SLI, not 3 or more on the native solution.

We can hope that this is a sign of a thaw in relations befween Intel and Nvidia. Of course Nvidia board certification may not make motherboard manufactuers very happy at the prospect of another hoop to jump through.

In any case, we can at least be assured of having a helping of SLI with our Core i7.

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