Nvidia Rolls Out the GeForce 100M Series


It may be 2009, but the GeForce 9M series, just introduced last summer, is already last year's news: yesterday, Nvidia announced the new GeForce 100M series at CES.

Engadget reports that the GeForce 100M series' first three members exceed the performance of comparable GeForce 9M series GPUs by 17 to 35 percent. Initially, the GeForce 100M family includes:

  • The entry-level GeForce G105M contains eight processor cores producing 38 gigaflops and running at 1.6GHz. It supports up to 512MB of DDR2 or DDR3 memory accessed over a 64-bit memory bus.
  • The mid-range GeForce G110M features 16 processor cores producing 48 gigaflops, and runs at 1GHz. It features the same memory bus, memory type support, and memory clock speed as the G105M, but supports 1GB of RAM.
  • The high-end GeForce GT 130M features 32 processor cores producing 144 gigaflop performance, running at 1.5GHz. It also supports faster DDR3 memory than the G105M/G110M, and offers a 128-bit memory bus. It supports up to 1GB of RAM, and can run in up to two-way SLI configurations.

Lenovo's new Y-series IdeaPad computers, which we told you about earlier this week , will be the first to include members of the family: The top-end Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 will be powered by the GeForce GT 130M, while the lower-end Y550 and Y450 models will use the GeForce 110M part.

Hit Comment and let us know if the GeForce 100M series is the GPU family you'll be demanding in your next laptop.

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