Nvidia Reportedly Working on GeForce GTX 580M Chip for Notebooks

Paul Lilly

Nvidia just recently announced the launch of its GeForce GTX 560M graphic chip for notebooks, a GPU the company claims is capable of pulling 50 frames per second in Duke Nukem Forever. But the 560M isn't the end of the road for Nvidia's 500M series, nor is it the fastest mobile graphics chip in Nvidia's stable. That distinction still belongs to the GTX 485M, at least until later this summer when Nvidia drops its 580M into the mobile mix.

Citing sources close to the mobile computing industry, news and rumor site Fudzilla says the 580M will be the fastest mobile GPU to date and will represent a significant step up from the 485M. Specs are still unknown, but here's what the upcoming flagship GPU will be going up against:

GeForce GTX 485M

  • 384 CUDA cores
  • 1150MHz processor clock
  • 36.8 texture fill rate (billion/sec)
  • 1500MHz memory
  • 2GB GDDR5
  • 256-bit memory bus
  • 96GB/s memory bandwidth

GeForce GTX 560M

  • 192 CUDA cores
  • 1550 processor clock
  • 24.8 texture fill rate (billion/sec)
  • 1250MHz memory
  • GDDR5
  • Up to 192-bit memory bust
  • Up to 60GB/s memory bandwidth

The GTX 580M will be relegated to 17-inch and larger notebooks, according to Fudzilla.

Image Credit: Nvidia

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