Nvidia Reportedly Ready to Unveil Tegra 2 3D Next Month

Paul Lilly

A leaked slide of Nvidia's upcoming Tegra 2 3D platform surfaced over the weekend, revealing a few details Nvidia reportedly plans to unveil at the Mobile World Congress in February, TechEye.net reports .

There are two versions of the processor being readied, including the AP25 chip for mobile phones and T25 for tablets/slates. These parts will scale ARM's Cortex A9 processor to 1.2GHz, a 200MHz increase over Tegra 250 series CPUs. As the leaked slides reveal, Nvidia is touting the ability to reach 5,520 MIPS, compared to 5,000 MIPS on a 1GHz Tegra 2 processor.

Assuming the slides are legit, look for these Tegra 2 parts to start shipping in Spring 2011.

Image Credit: techeye.net

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