Nvidia Reportedly Prepping GTX Titan Ultra and Titan LE SKUs

Pulkit Chandna

Not one, but two new Titans said to be in the works

With AMD’s answer to the the $1,000 Nvidia GTX Titan expected to hit the market later this week, you need something special to prevent AMD’s upcoming dual-chip beast, the Radeon HD 7990 “Malta”, from hogging each and every ray of the spotlight that the tech media has reserved for graphics cards. The two-month-old GTX Titan has managed to do just that thanks to rumors that it is about to be turned into a mini graphics card brand.

Talk of a budget version of the two-month-old GPU, dubbed the GTX Titan LE, is nothing new, but German site 3DCenter.org is now reporting that a third, more powerful SKU, likely to be called either Titan Ultra or Titan II , is also on the cards and is expected to debut during the fourth quarter of 2013.

This SKU will reportedly utilize all of the GK110’s 15 SMX clusters, giving it an edge over the regular Titan which has one cluster disabled with a total of 2,688 CUDA cores and 240 TMUs. As as result, the Titan Ultra will boast the full quota of 2880 shader cores and 256 texture units. Further, as opposed to the original’s 837 MHz clock speed and 206-Watt power appetite, the Ultra will have a 950 MHz clock speed and a 225W TDP.

As for the Titan LE,  it will reportedly have 2496 CUDA cores, 208 TMUs, 40 ROPs, 320-bit DDR memory interface, 5 GB of GDDR5 and a 180-190W TDP. As per the German site, the Titan LE is likely to come out sometime during “summer 2013.”

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