Nvidia Releases WHQL-Certified Drivers For Windows 8 Release Preview

Brad Chacos

Playing around with operating systems in their beta stages can be problematic when it comes to driver support, as Windows 8-rocking gamers can no doubt attest; the graphics card beta drivers released for the various Previews haven't exactly been bug-free. Those error-rife days may be in the past for GeForce owners now that Nvidia has released new WHQL-certified drivers for the Windows 8 Release Preview.

Don't try using the drivers with any other operating system, however. Nvidia very clearly states that the 302.82 drivers shouldn't be used with other OSes, including Windows 7 and Vista or even past iterations of Windows 8. Feature-wise, the new drivers are a bit sparse. A bunch of the aforementioned bugs found in the various Windows 8 beta drivers have been squashed, and 3D Vision support was enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel.

The 302.82 drivers support pretty much every desktop Nvidia graphics card out there, though the notebook GPU support is a bit spotty. You can read up on the scarce nitty-gritty details in the release notes or download the 32-bit and 64-bit drivers over at Nvidia's download center .

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