Nvidia Releases WHQL-Certified 295.73 GeForce Drivers

Brad Chacos

Good news if you're the proud owner of a Nvidia GeForce graphics card: after a flood of beta drivers, the first WHQL-certified drivers from the Release 295 family are ready to roll. Nvidia promises that the 295.73 WHQL drivers pack in all the upgrades found in the recent beta drivers, "plus a few other treats." Every GeForce card ever released looks to be supported.

The 295.73 drivers increase performance and offer a slew of compatibility upgrades for all kinds of Nvidia technology, including 3D Vision, PhysX and SLI support. Numerous titles earned new bells and whistles. Nvidia even threw in SLI support for the Mass Effect 3 demo, and Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 all see significant tweaks. Graphics aren't the only beneficiary of these drivers, by the way: HD Audio and Nvidia Surround received updates and additional mobo support.

Normally, we'd list games that received 3D Vision or SLI improvements, but the 295.73 drivers include a lot of changes. For specific info about improvements for Skyrim and ME3, check out the blog post announcing the release , or just head over to the GeForce drivers page , enter your PC's info, and see the complete list of improvements for yourself. Heck, why not download the drivers while you're there?

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