Nvidia Releases New WHQL GeForce Drivers for Notebooks

Paul Lilly

Nvidia this week released a new set of mobile GPU GeForce drivers, version 186.03 (WHQL certified). The new drivers support GeForce 8M, 9M, 100M, and 200M-series notebook graphics.

Several new features come with the GeForce 186.03 release, including full OpenGL 3.0 support, support for CUDA 2.2, and support of Ambient Occlusion, which Nvidia says "adds realism to scenes by reducing the intensity of ambient lights on surfaces blocked by surrounding objects." Lots of double-digit performance upgrades are included, too:

  • Up to 25 percent faster in The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
  • Up to 22 percent faster in Crysys: Warhead with antialiasing enabled
  • Up to 11 percent faster in Fallout 3 with antialiasing enabled
  • Up to 14 percent faster in Far Cry 2
  • Up to 45 percent faster in Mirror's Edge with antialiasing enabled
Dell owners take note - before downloading the new drivers, Nvidia says anyone who owns a Dell Inspiron 1420, Dell XPS M1330, or Dell XPS M1530 should first install an SBIOS update, found here .

Image Credit: Nvidia

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