Nvidia Releases Mobile GeForce 300M GPU Series


There wasn't any fanfare accompanying the release of Nvidia's first GeForce 300M series graphics processors this week, and there's good reason for that. The flagship GPU in the new 300M series -- the GTS 360M -- sports the same number of cores (96), same bus width (128-bit) and same memory clock (2GHz) as the GTS 260M, although the 360M is capable of processing slightly more gigaflops (413 versus 396).

Rounding out the "High Performance" category is the GTS 350M, which comes rated at 360 gigaflops, the same as the GTS 250M.

The "Performance" category includes the GT 335M (72 cores), 330M (48 cores), and 325M (48 cores), while the 64-bit "Mainstream" chips consist of the GT 310M and 305M, each with 16 cores.

MIssing is any mention of an Enthusiast category. Holding out for Fermi, perhaps?

Image Credit: Nvidia

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