Nvidia Refreshes Mobile Graphics with GeForce GTX 700M Family

Paul Lilly

For gaming on the go.

Mobile gamers drooling over the launch of fast desktop parts like the GeForce GTX 780 and GTX 770 need not worry that they won't have anything new to play with in the notebook arena. Following the launch of the aforementioned desktop parts, team green this week introduced its GeForce GTX 700M series of laptop GPUs. There are four new mobile parts in all, each one based on Nvidia's Kepler architecture.

Lording over the bunch is the GeForce GTX 780M, which Nvidia claims is the world's fastest notebook GPU. Under that sits the GTX 770M providing up to a 55 percent boost in performance compared to the GTX 670M. Second to last is the GTX 765M, a mobile part that you'll find in the recently announced 14-inch Razer Blade laptop that's thinner than a standing dime. And finally there's the GTX 760M, a mobile GPU Nvidia says is up to 30 percent faster than the GTX 660M it replaces.

"Virtually all of the new gaming notebooks are built around GeForce GTX 700M GPUs," said Rene Haas , vice president and general manager of computing products at Nvidia. "The GPU is the heart of any gaming PC, and all the top gaming OEMs unanimously chose the GeForce GTX 700M series this refresh cycle. GeForce GTX means gaming, more now than ever before."

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 700M Series includes the company's Optimus technology for longer battery life, as well as support for the GeForce Experience software and GPU Boost 2.0.

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