Nvidia is Ready to Rumble with GeForce GTX Titan Black Graphics Card

Paul Lilly

New graphics card from Nvidia wields a full GK110 GPU

What do you get if you take a GeForce GTX 780 Ti graphics card and give it a shot of adrenaline? You end up with Nvidia's GeForce GTX Titan Black, a new graphics card with full CUDA support and double precision floating-point compute performance. In other words, it comes out swinging with a fully equipped 28nm GK110 GPU without any arbitrary restrictions. Intrigued? Let's have a look at some other specs.

The GeForce GTX Titan Black is a beast with 2,880 single precision CUDA cores, 960 double-precision CUDA cores, 240 texture units, and 48 ROP units. It has a base clockspeed of 889MHz and a boost clockspeed of 980MHz, along with 6GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 7,000MHz (effective) on a 384-bit bus. This gives the Titan Black 336GB/s of total memory bandwidth and a texture filtering rate of 213.4GT/s.

Though the card is called Titan Black, it doesn't feature an all-black heatspreader as previously rumored. Instead, it looks similar to the standard Titan except that the alumimum fins and some accents around the fan have been painted black, as well as the Titan lettering. Here's a look at it with the heatsink shroud removed:

Look for the GeForce GTX Titan Black to sell for around $999, a familiar price for a flagship GPU.

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