Nvidia Quietly Launches GeForce GTX 460 SE Graphics Card

Paul Lilly

Nvidia isn't making a big deal about its GeForce GTX 460 SE videocard (hit the specifications tab), the latest addition to the GTX 460 line with the least amount of CUDA cores.

The SE version comes with 288 CUDA cores in all, compared to 336 on the standard GTX 460 in both 768MB and 1GB trim. It's also clocked a bit slower at 650MHz core and 1700MHz memory, compared to 1350MHz and 1800MHz on the two other models, respectively.

It does, however, sport the same 256-bit memory bus interface as the non-SE 1GB version, whereas the standard GTX 460 in 768MB form features a 192-bit bus. That provides the SE with more memory bandwidth than the 768GB version (108.8GB/s versus 86.4GB/s) though still less than the non-SE 1GB version (115.2GB/s). And finally, the SE comes with 1GB of GDDR5 memory.

Image Credit: Zotac

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