Nvidia Puts on Poker Face, Shrugs Off CPU Graphics

Paul Lilly

It's pretty clear both Intel and AMD envision a future where CPUs with integrated graphics play a big role in the entry-level and mainstream markets. So how does Nvidia feel about this? In short, the graphics chip maker isn't sweating it.

"If [Intel and AMD] succeed we will raise the bar," said Ujesh Desai , VP of Marketing for Nvidia. "Even if [CPU graphics] don't succeed we will raise the bar, that is what we do."

It's safe to say that Nvidia doesn't see the entry-level discrete graphics market drying up any time soon, no matter how much heat Intel and AMD try to apply. It will start with Intel's Sandy Bridge platform, which is scheduled to ship in "high volume" early next year, followed by AMD's long delayed Fusion architecture.

Image Credit: deviantart.com

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