Nvidia Previews Next Generation GPU Technology


Nvidia made a splash at PDXLAN over the weekend showcasing "Unreleased NV Technology," which many presume refers to the company's upcoming GeForce GTX 580 part. Pictures and videos have since flooded the Web, like the ones that appear on GamersDailyNews.com .

One of the big things Nvidia is touting is its new vapor chamber technology. Using a custom vapor chamber design to handle cooling chores, Nvidia says its next-gen card runs both cooler and quieter than a GTX 480.

The lengthy videos showcase what's likely a GTX 580 videocard in action, everything from high polygon counts to Call of Duty: Black Ops . Check em out below.

Video 1 (courtesy of RumorPedia.net)
Video 2 (courtesy of GamersDailyNews.com)
Video 3 (courtesy of GamersDailyNews.com)

Image Credit: rumorpedia.net

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