Nvidia Posts Q4 Financial Report, Quarterly Earnings Double

Paul Lilly

Nvidia finished off its fiscal fourth quarter ended January 30, 2011 with a bang and announced net income of $171.7 million, which is more than double from one quarter ago when team green collected $84.9 million.  Nvidia posted strong numbers all around, including a 5 percent increase in quarterly revenue, and feels confident about its future with its Tegra platform leading the mobile charge.

"These strong results underscore the larger story of Nvidia's transformation," said Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia president and chief executive officer. "Even as we are extending our leadership in visual computing, our investment in mobile computing and parallel computing is now driving our growth.

"Tegra is positioned center stage in the revolution in superphones and tablets, while Tesla is becoming an essential processor for supercomputing. I have never been more excited about Nvidia's prospects."

Nvidia recently released its Tegra roadmap, saying its next generation Tegra chip -- Kal El -- has already begun shipping to partners. Kal El purportedly offers 5x more performance than Tegra 2 and can handle HD content on large resolution screens. By 2014, Nvidia plans to ramp up its Tegra architecture to nearly 75x the performance of Tegra 2.

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