Nvidia Plans World's First PC Gaming Ecosystem at Pax East 2011

Paul Lilly

Let's start with the good news. At this year's PAX East event in Boston, Nvidia plans to go all out and make a statement to the world that PC gaming is anything but dead. Nvidia's calling it the world's first PC gaming ecosystem, which is a fancy pants way of saying there will be plenty of in-your-face PC gaming. Nvidia and its partners plan to showcase awesome new gear, exhibit 3D gaming, offer show specials, and hand out $20,000 in prizes. So what's not to like?

Only that registration is closed, so if you didn't already to register, you're not getting in. Badges are no longer available online or on-site, "so please don't come to the show if you have not already ordered a badge!" Bummer.

On the bright side, you can live vicariously through those who will be attending, as well as revel knowing that PC gaming still demands such an extravaganza. One of the things Nvidia and its partners want to make clear during PAX East is to "show [attendees] why playing on a PC is absolutely the best gaming experience on Earth, and just how easy it is to buy or build your own fully loaded gaming system, no matter what your budget is."

Viva la PC gaming!

Image Credit: Nvidia

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