Nvidia, Opera Combine to Refine Web Browsing Experience on Mobile Devices

Pulkit Chandna

Nvidia and Opera have teamed up to provide a rich web browsing experience on mobile platforms. Nvidia will now provide “an optimized Opera 9.5 browser in its suite of pre-integrated, in-house and third-party software for the NVIDIA Tegra family of computer-on-chip Windows Mobile and Windows CE solutions.”

The alliance will provide a highly fulfilling browsing experience for the user’s delectation. As Nvidia’s Tegra chip has media acceleration and integrated GPU, the Opera 9.5 browser running on it will be able to support accelerated vector graphics and video content . The browser will also support JavaScript.

The web browsing experience currently available on most smartphones leaves a lot to be desired. But browsing on mobile devices is destined for a considerable leap in the near future as success of mobile devices is beginning to rest heavily on the browsing experience they offer.

Image Credit: IntoMobile

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